Robert “Bobby” Bowman (constantly also known as Mr. Lyle) the most associated antagonists on Pretender television show. Mr. Lyle, that is illustrated by the American star Jamie Denton, made his first appearance into the second seasons top-quality, Back About Inactive Once again.

Evaluation [ ]

Into the Straight back In the Dead Again, the brand new occurrence and then he was delivered, Mr. Lyle are treated since the an enthusiastic substitute for Mr. Parker, that has misteriously gone away within the pit between Seasons 1 and you may dos. Miss Parker fits Lyle for the first time within her father’s place of work, where she’s plus presented to Brigitte, a unique Machine. The guy and Brigitte was basically allegedly hired from the Hub to greatly help catch Jarod of the mitigating Skip Parker’s team’s inefficiency.

After at that episode, Miss Parker, Sydney and you will Broots get a hold of an excellent videotape which will show Mr. Lyle and you will Mr. Raines together carrying out a vicious nonconsensual experiment with Jarod, and this comprised for the bringing the subject’s lifetime simply to quickly resurrect your. Shortly after enjoying they, Skip Parker visits Raines and tries to push your to share with about exactly who Mr. Lyle really is, to which Raines unwillingly solutions: “good boogeyman”.

When you look at the Bloodlines, the second seasons finale, once evaluation this new bloodstream of some individuals from the brand new Red Data files, Jarod ends up you to definitely Mr. Lyle is among the possible applicants to be Skip Parker’s twin brother. Lyle seems to be detailed throughout the eighth red document, which is also regarding Skip Parker.

After, In love (the next 12 months prime) demonstrates Mr. Lyle is indeed Skip Parker’s twin. He had been split up from their mothers at delivery because of the Mr. Raines, who provided these to faith the little one is stillborn. Raines upcoming replaced Lyle for the a great promote household, where in actuality the youngster obtained title “Bobby Bowman”. Year dos event Freeze had already revealed some specifics of just BesГ¶k webbplatsen hГ¤r how Bobby’s lives to the Bowmans had previously been. Their abusive adoptive dad, whose first name are Lyle, is certainly Bobby’s motivations to make the newest “Mr. Lyle” image.

Because revealed from inside the Crash, Raines reentered Bobby’s existence after the boy turned fifteen and decided to spend a little more about big date having Bobby, affecting your with techniques one triggered his decisions in order to drastically transform. Their choices (if not identity) changed really immediately following meeting Raines you to his adoptive moms and dads experimented with to help you penalize him numerous times. Their dad, whom pushed Bobby to-name your “Mr. Lyle”, carry out lay Bobby during the a forgotten similar proportions due to the fact a prison mobile. However, Martha Bowman (Bobby’s adoptive mommy) ‘s the woman who told Miss Parker and you will Sidney with the. Just like the Mrs. Bowman displayed evidence of not-being entirely sane (she try viewed yelling and you will trying provide pet which were perhaps not truth be told there), you’ll be able to one some elements of this facts are not real.

History [ ]

Mr. Lyle’s background on Heart can be a bit murky. Even after his blood connections towards the Parker loved ones, when he was produced, it was not once the a beneficial Parker, and he obtained control relatively more than Miss Parker’s group, and this the fresh new dislike one to immediately flared between the two. Skip Parker try commonly driven to thwart Lyle because of the giving him towards wild-goose chases (Skin and you can Bloodstream – Skip Parker: “Dancing, puppet dancing!”) or perhaps maybe not advising your out-of progress when he got requested your. In certain episodes, they featured Mr. Parker got a healthy and balanced worry-caused admiration to possess him. Later on even in the event, Mr. Raines and you may Mr. Parker do area to locate Lyle in big trouble which can be just how the guy lost their thumb. (Episode: Earlier in the day Sim)

Mr. Lyle are natural worst essentially. That isn’t recognized as to why, apart from most likely Raines got a great deal to manage which have it. He attempted to destroy Jarod (Straight back Regarding Dry Again) and also have attempted to inflatable each other Skip Parker and Jarod, and there is evidence the guy slain numerous people whom had been in the a middle office in which he stole necessary information and you may made an effort to sell with the higher buyer. He’s got already been accused off cannibalism, and destroying several Far-eastern feminine. They were possibly mail-order brides (Anyone to Faith). Dudes! Purchasing female such as for example they certainly were snow tires. (Miss Parker) Family relations The new paternal parentage of Mr. Lyle too try Miss Parker ‘s the topic away from argument. He or she is Miss Parker’s twin, that appears to be specific, hence also a cousin regarding Ethan, Jarod’s half-brother.

Relationship [ ]

Mr. He has got another type of relationship with Brigitte that triggers far speculation into paternity out of their own child, Baby Parker with an it seems that infertile Mr. Parker.